Standard Quality - The Best Bang for your Buck

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We will take 3 * 360 photos with a high quality “point and shoot” 360 camera in each spot and merge them into a single HDR photo. This ensures dark and light areas are both well exposed on the image. Additional colour and light enhancement is applied before the images are added to the Virtual Tour.

The difference between Ultra and Standard Quality is barely visible on a mobile device. Nowadays 99% of our customers opt for this quality and it is a huge cost saver and fully serves the purpose to give your visitors a sense of your space.

Ultra Quality - When Only the Best is Good enough

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When only the very best will do or the light situations are so difficult that there is just no other option. This is also the way to go if you want to present your Virtual Tour on a 4k 50″+ screen.

This quality is achieved using a manual process with a DSLR camera on a special tripod. Over 36 images are shot from a single location and manually merged and stitched together for each 360 photo.

Prices for this quality range at around $100 excl. GST per 360 photo. Difficult lighting situations may increase the costs.

About Quality

Relive 360 has created both of the above Virtual Tours on Google Street View. We have embedded them on this page with the same <html> code that we will provide to you.

Use the above Virtual Tours  to compare our Standard and Ultra Quality. We bet that unless you look at them in full screen you will have a hard time spotting any difference.

Make sure you visit this page with your mobile phone, too! Over 70% of website traffic today is from mobile devices. The quality difference becomes negligible on a mobile device.

99% of our customers opt for the Standard Quality. It serves the purpose of showing your space at a really affordable rate.